Soft Plastic Lures

Soft Plastic Snakehead/Bass Baits

After years of targeting these fish on the Potomac River I have developed my a few favorite baits that really produce snakeheads.  All are hand poured by me and custom colors(one or two color) are available in 20 lot orders.  But I think you will be happy with my standard color selection here.

Flipper Frog 3 1/2″

(I’ve caught huge fish on this bait)


3 1/2″ Halloween Flipper Frog

Halloween Frog Quantity

3 1/2″ Tuxedo Flipper Frog

Tuxedo Frog Quantity

Chartreuse Flipper Frog
3 1/2″ Chartreuse Flipper Frog

GreenTree Sparkle Frog Quantity

Crayfish scent impregnated and the fish really hang on!  FREE Shipping in the lower 48(USA).  email me with questions or just order now.

This year(2018) the darker colors have been really working great. My fav’s are the Red Devil (pictures coming) and the Halloween which have been out performing the the white and sparkle clear frogs for me;  When the water is stained I use the Tuxedo which seems to work a little better, really killin’ it.  But the chartreuse frog mimics the native green tree frogs that cover the lily pads on the Potomac and work well on over cast days and when the darker colors are not attracting bites.