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My Snakehead Quest in Virginia

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12 lb snakehead
12lbs. 33″ September 2016

I put this site together for leisure as I have been a lifetime fisherman and hunter and have become a snakehead fishing fanatic!  I lived in NJ for a long time and read about the snakehead invasion in 2003 and wanted to find some ever since but just didn’t get down South to find them back then.  But then in 2010 I moved to central Virginia and after getting my chiropractic-nutritional counseling business started and rolling I was finally able to find some snakeheads on the Potomac River in 2014.

But all those years in NJ fishing the Delaware which I loved the snakehead invasion had to happen AFTER I left.  It figures I leave NJ and the snakeheads finally show up in the Delaware right up to Philadelphia and Trenton in 2016ish.  I move out and they move in, go figure, LOL!  I know many people are against or afraid of these fish and what they will do to the environment but there is nothing we can do about it when it comes to riverways as they are to big and interconnected to control the wildlife in them.  Now it seems biologists have concluded snakeheads pose NO threat to the native populations and if anything the bass are eating the snakehead fry like crazy and their numbers are the highest in 10 years now.  Maybe we should thank the snakeheads.

After years of fishing the Potomac River now in Stafford County I’ve seen the snakehead population level out.  I think things are okay but I miss the 10 and 20 snakehead fishing days, big fish too!    Now 3-5 is good day and there are plenty of “no snakehead” days now and that never used to happen.  I think the bow fisherman are taking way too many fish and I love bow fishing but I am not greedy like many.  The bass fishing on the Potomac is as good as always so the snakeheads didn’t eat every fish in the river as predicted.   All is good.

I love the power of their strike, the fight and taste of these wonderful fish, called snakeheads.  Restaurants in DC are still trying to come up with a catchier name for their $20/lb gourmet plates.  Sure catching 5 and 8 lb. largemouth bass is nice but they just don’t hit and fight like a similar size snakehead so I’m hooked on these exotic fish  for life I guess.  A real snakehead addict, that’s  me!  Oh well more bass for everyone else!

See ya’ll on the river!

Dr. Snakehead

(Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist in Ruckersville, Virginia. www. LifeEnhancingWellnessCenters.com