I Think the Snakeheads have Gone Deep

Snakehead Fishing in Fall

I am now going on 3 weeks with bascially no fish.  I have only had the two little ones that you saw in my other post a little while ago.  I have no idea where the snakehead fish have gone?   Maybe they head into the mud but not sure.  I haven’t even scared that many paddling around, it’s like they all migrated somewhere else!

If anyone is catching anything in September please leave a comment and let us know.  If you don’t want to share your “spot” then at least let us know where in the water they were; along the weedlines, on top of the remaining weed beds, in the lilly pads or out in the deeper channels?  What lure or bait were you using?


This is Dr D heading into the woods this week not on the water. I will be scouting a good tree for my deer stand for bow season that is coming up soon here in Virginia.


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Snakehead Fishing Fall Drop Off?

Snakehead Fishing Drop Off?

I am not a biologist just a fisherman who spends a lot time on the lower Potomac River chasing snakeheads.  It has become my addiction!  I am new to this and only started May 2014.    But last year I noticed that by the end of August the fishing had slowed down dramatically.  Now this year was a “slower” year all together compared to last year and everyone I spoke with who was snakehead fishing agreed with me.  The fishing this year did have a little peak in certain creeks like Accokeet off Potomac Creek in July and early August then it died by September 1st.   Like I said earlier I saw the same pattern last year and think this may be a seasonal change in snakehead fish behavoir more than a population change.

One interesting thing I noticed the last few weeks is that I get fair amount of “follows” and short strikes now they are much less aggressive so the “misses” happen more often now than the pole bending slammers of July.   I am also catching and seeing mostly small fish under 20″.  In the past 3 weeks I have only seen 4 “bigger” snakeheads (caught one 27″).  When you seem them they are the ones that just crash out as you get close to their sunbathing spot or when you cast a bait over them and it scares them. I assume they think it’s a bird trying to eat them!   Early last month even when catching them was slow I was still spooking 10 or 12 big ones with their characteristic big swirly splashes as I cruised by them in the weeds!  Now nothing but small ones bugging out occassionally and only a few.

So maybe the big ones move to deeper water and hang in the channels as opposed to their summer haunts in the weeds.  No sure.  Any observations you have please leave your comments below, all us snakehead fishing fans would appreciate it.

See you on the water but the woods will be calling me soon as bow season is not far away and I have a buck or two that I’ve been watching all summer!


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Snakehead Fishing As Summer Winds Down

Is Snakehead Fishing Slowing Down?

Well not sure yet come back over the next few weeks to see and I will keep you posted.   Lately it’s good and bad days (isn’t that called fishing? LOL).    

Did this video last week on the upper Potomac Creek and it was a fair day.  Started just before low tide(dead low was 9:30ish that day) around 7:30 am and caught 3 nice ones by 11am and missed 3.  Then it died for the rest of the afternoon no bites just sore arms from casting and paddling my kayak! Then after high tide around 3:30 pm I paddled up the creek to the “small” area  and got off the “wide” water part of the creek with the big weed beds cause nothing was biting there and  caught 4 more, 3 small ones 18″ – 20″ and one average one at 26″ between 4 pm and 7.      So overall my 11 hour day on the kayak yielded 6 fish which sounds good but remember it was quite dead during the middle of the day and hot too!

Yes, when I go out I go all day dawn to dusk if I can!  10 -12 hours whether I kayak or bass boat it!  I make my 90 minute car ride to the river worth my time and gas.

Post your comments, questions so I can answer them. Do not post unless it is about fish or fishing I delete all other comments.


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