Safest Fish in the River to Eat, Snakeheads

Snakeheads Safest Fish in the River to Eat

Due to their diet of small killifish and bluegills snakeheads, according to Virginia biologists are one of the least toxic or polluted freshwater fish to eat.  Toxins move up the food chain and build up, so small fish not so polluted, big fish and large gamefish very polluted and toxic to humans.  I don’t eat anything except for the occasional snakehead which tastes great!

  • Blue catfish, especially the large ones very toxic as they eat larger fish.
  • Small catfish under 24″ moderately toxic.
  • Stripers or Rockfish, big ones also very full of PcBs, mercury and cadmium and other pollutants.
  • Largemouth and smallmouth moderately polluted.
  • Bluegills and Crappie mildly toxic
  • Snakeheads,”cleanest fishin the Potomac”.   Large ones over 30″ mildly polluted.

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    1. I do not but maybe your post will find someone who does. Check with the bow fisherman they take a lot of them! How much do you pay per pound, whole fish or gutted whole fish?

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