Bass Bite on the Potomac

Bass Fishing on Potomac Creek March 10, 2016

The air temp was up, 77 even with the clouds, the water seemed about 48ish (no thermometer) and it was windy on the water in my kayak.  I only had time to get there on the outgoing tide so I hit it at almost dead low- not the best time on a tidal river!  The water was coffee brown  and the carp were moving up the creek and jumping but no bass or snakeheads.  I fished the deeper channels, the drop-offs and way up the creek in the “small waters” and did not get or see any predatory fish unfortunately.  Some small bait fish in the upper creek in 10″ of water but no big fish.  I was using soft plastics, spinner baits, swim jigs, crawfish deep water jigging but nothing! I even pulled out the top water toad in the shallow water but nada…  I was using mostly white and chartruesse colors but tried some darker purples and black/blue and  nothing.

Oh well it was a nice day  in my kayak and got some good exercise.  Now I have to wait a bit due to my busy chiropractic officed schedule and family committments (like we all do).  But I think it will definately turn in by the beginning of April.


See you next time on the Potomac River!


Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus (Dr. Snakehead) to check out any healthcare questions.