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I have not been able to fish as much as I would like this year or last so no new videos as my old sport camera stopepd working!  Gotta upgrade I guess, LOL!

I have made it out on the bass boat and the kayak in the Potomac Creek and Acokeet Creek areas and managed to land a few between 6- 10lbs.

9lb Snakehead Potomac Creek Virginia 2023
9lb snakehead caught on a Floatin’ Toad topwater bait, Potomac Creek June 2023
A friend of mine holds the current  World Record for Northern Snakeheads, 19lbs. 5 oz caught May 2108 – Potomac Creek, Virginia

16l lb snakehead

Emanuel with one of his 16lb, 37″ snakeheads back in 2016 and now in 2020 he has more 16lb fish than any snakehead fisherman I know!  He slays them every season and eats most of them~!

He’s been at this for a while with good results.  Always has a good year with quite a few big fish in his kayak.

6 pound snakehead
6 lb. snakehead May 25, 2018
9.5 lb snakehead, 32"
9.52 lbs. 32″ bit a yellow top water paddle foot frog mid July 2017.


Maryland Snakehead tournament in 2015 saw dozens of baskets like this full of snakeheads most taken by bow fishing.


My fun times have yielded good fish like these

Kayak Fishin, they fill the boat!

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    1. Well I run the blog, Dr D and do most of the posting so there is nothing to join this is a simple “low tech” site, LOL. I would like to hear from other snakehead fishermen as much as possible. Just share this site with your fishing buddies and lets post. Just post the link to any of your fishing videos that you have on Youtube. If you don’t have them on Youtube then set up an account for free and upload your videos, it will give a link to share on social media. Post that link here and I will approve it.

  1. I have some pics and videos to share…
    Been an avid snakehead kayak bowfisherman for this babies for the last 6 yrs…
    and would like to meet people that want to practice bowfishing from a kayak…day or night…

    1. Are you in the Maryland snakehead tournament this May? A lot of bow guys are in it. I fish from my kayak don’t bow fish though…I have enough gear to deal with, LOL! YOu can post here with your hot spots or stories. I think we can get your picks up, just email them to me and I will insert them as this is not an “automatic” or high tech site, just my hobby and passion!

  2. What are the most common or effective lure sizes to catch snakehead? Online, there is more information about lure types rather than lure sizing.

    1. I like medium size 3/8 oz chatterbaits or buzz baits sometimes the 1/4 oz is okay but harder to do long casts. The bigger 1/2 oz works sometimes but not as much as the 3/8 oz. 3″-4″ frogs are my favorite, bigger than that gets you a lot of short strikes where you lose the legs of your frog. The usual or medium size scum frogs again around 3″ body, that you twitch as you retrieve are also very good. In the mid summer I like the small 2″ chartreuse scum frogs because the mimic the green tree frogs that are all over the reeds that time of year.

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