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Fall is Here…the Water is Chilly

12 lb snakehead
My last big one, 12lbs. 33″ caught late September

Well they were hitting pretty good till the cold October nights started.  Granted the number of bites was down but if you fished the lilly pads long enough you got a few.  Even my friend Emanuel saw a slow down but we both were able to land some nice fish on those hot September days.  Now as the leaves change color and the weed beds die off a few snakeheads can be found if you are out there.   I will give it a try again unless it gets downright cold but you will find me now in the woods looking for deer or on my boat striper fishing!

Comment below on your winter fishing plans.

I Think the Snakeheads have Gone Deep

Snakehead Fishing in Fall

I am now going on 3 weeks with bascially no fish.  I have only had the two little ones that you saw in my other post a little while ago.  I have no idea where the snakehead fish have gone?   Maybe they head into the mud but not sure.  I haven’t even scared that many paddling around, it’s like they all migrated somewhere else!

If anyone is catching anything in September please leave a comment and let us know.  If you don’t want to share your “spot” then at least let us know where in the water they were; along the weedlines, on top of the remaining weed beds, in the lilly pads or out in the deeper channels?  What lure or bait were you using?


This is Dr D heading into the woods this week not on the water. I will be scouting a good tree for my deer stand for bow season that is coming up soon here in Virginia.


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