I Think the Snakeheads have Gone Deep

Snakehead Fishing in Fall

I am now going on 3 weeks with bascially no fish.  I have only had the two little ones that you saw in my other post a little while ago.  I have no idea where the snakehead fish have gone?   Maybe they head into the mud but not sure.  I haven’t even scared that many paddling around, it’s like they all migrated somewhere else!

If anyone is catching anything in September please leave a comment and let us know.  If you don’t want to share your “spot” then at least let us know where in the water they were; along the weedlines, on top of the remaining weed beds, in the lilly pads or out in the deeper channels?  What lure or bait were you using?


This is Dr D heading into the woods this week not on the water. I will be scouting a good tree for my deer stand for bow season that is coming up soon here in Virginia.


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2 thoughts on “I Think the Snakeheads have Gone Deep”

  1. Hey, I fish the Aquia almost exclusively. I got 2 on September 17th. One decent size and one juvenile. The hydrilla is thick but they both hit on frogs during high tide when the water level is slightly above the grass. I too am an avid snakehead angler and it saddens my I can’t fish for them year round. During the colder temps they go pretty dormant to conserve energy. But they still have to eat, you know? I caught my biggest one this summer (31″) on a Yamamoto stick worm that I threw out for the hell of it, not expecting to catch anything. They move from the shallows to deeper water so I’m now going to transition to jigs and soft plastics.

    1. I only fished Aquia twice this past summer and missed a few but it was slow compared to last year. I spent most of my time this year on Potomac and Accokeet Creeks but everything went cold fast the first week of September. Two weeks ago I tried Quanico Creek with no luck didn’t even scare any! I fished Matawoman Creek last week and scared a bunch so at least I saw some snakeheads this time out. They were on top of the water out on the big weed flats not in the lily pads, I only got two to strikes which I missed but they really weren’t as aggressive as they were in the summer. I also tried rattle trap lipless crankbaits in the channels and nothing. I will give it a try a few more times probing the deeper water before the cold weather really sets in but I am about done for the season…always makes me sad!

      Keep me posted on your sucess and check back to read about mine.

      Good luck.

      Dr D

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