Snakeheads are Down for the Winter

Snakeheads in the Mud

Well the Snakeheads are in the mud and not really active as far as I have been told.  If you come across one please share and post a commet here.

Deer Season has been good in Central Virginia.  How has your luck been? Post links to your Facebook or Youtube pages with nice deer shots.

See you in the Spring!


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2 thoughts on “Snakeheads are Down for the Winter”

  1. I got the addiction bad this year and it’s killing me to wait for warmer water temps. Caught my last snake Sept. 2nd. Tried a few more times with cold water bass fishing techniques. …only caught bass. It’s a good drive for me from RVA so keep us posted when the bite is on again…..thanx!

    1. Will do. But yes they go dormant once it starts getting cool way before and real low water temps. Wildlife says they see them down in the deeper water in the mud on sonar when this time of year hits. I am not sure if they are still electro shocking or using under water cameraa to confirm this or just guessing. It will be early April when they start hitting rattle traps and noising jigs and to water comes back once it warms up late April or early May.

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