Bass Fishing Now Since Snakeheads are “Sleeping”

Bass Fishing Time Since Snakeheads Seem to Hibernate

Well no snakehheads this time of year for sure but the bass fishing has been good on jigs and creature baits  for me.  Crankbaits and swim baits have been slow but then I have not fished as much as some of you this winter I am sure.  Especially with all the warm weather I am sure many of you are killin’ it.

Catfishing is On!

North Carolina Blue Catfish State Record 12/20/15
North Carolina Blue Catfish State Record 12/20/15

I have a few catfish friends that have done great this winter hitting the James or Potomac Rivers in central Virginia. Jamie caught a 60lb channle catfish on the Potomac River at Leesylvania by the power plant bridge just before Christmas on that 72 degree sunny Saturday- way to go!  (I will get that photo and post it here next week).  What about that new North Carolina state record that went around Facebook, a channel cat weighing in at 105lbs. and the 94lb blue catfish another state record!


So drop a helpful winter tips bass fishing comment below and I will do my best to get it up here soon!


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