Snakehead Fishing As Summer Winds Down

Is Snakehead Fishing Slowing Down?

Well not sure yet come back over the next few weeks to see and I will keep you posted.   Lately it’s good and bad days (isn’t that called fishing? LOL).    

Did this video last week on the upper Potomac Creek and it was a fair day.  Started just before low tide(dead low was 9:30ish that day) around 7:30 am and caught 3 nice ones by 11am and missed 3.  Then it died for the rest of the afternoon no bites just sore arms from casting and paddling my kayak! Then after high tide around 3:30 pm I paddled up the creek to the “small” area  and got off the “wide” water part of the creek with the big weed beds cause nothing was biting there and  caught 4 more, 3 small ones 18″ – 20″ and one average one at 26″ between 4 pm and 7.      So overall my 11 hour day on the kayak yielded 6 fish which sounds good but remember it was quite dead during the middle of the day and hot too!

Yes, when I go out I go all day dawn to dusk if I can!  10 -12 hours whether I kayak or bass boat it!  I make my 90 minute car ride to the river worth my time and gas.

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