Snakeheads are Expanding

Snakeheads are Increasing Their Range

Many sightings and catchings here in Central Virginia of Northern Snakeheads, from Lake Anna to Kelly’s Ford in the Rhappahanock River.

Carl "Junebug" Broyles with his 31" Snakehead caught June 2016 in the Rhappahanock River
Carl “Junebug” Broyles with his 31″ Snakehead caught June 2016 in the Rhappahanock River

These fish are making their way into the smaller waterways which was to be expected.  But not to fear a balance will be struck and I believe they will NOT destroy the bass or other fish in those systems.  I am seeing a drastic slow down in the number of fish being caught in the Potomac River over the last 4 years.  I really noticed the slow down last year and it is still “slow” so far this year many days so far with no fish which would never have happend in 2014.  There are less snakeheads being seen and caught, I disturb far fewer this year on my kayak forays than I did 2 years ago in the vast lilly pad beds of the Potomac River.  Their thunderous explosivie splashes as you disturb them when you cruise by are much less frequent so far this t year in Potomac Creek.  My catches are way down but then the bass fishing has been unusually slow in the river and the lakes so far this year too.  Maybe all that rain and cooler April/May weather has slowed down all the fish.  Not sure.

Now Snakeheads are Confirmed in Lake Anna

Lake Anna Snakehead
Large Northern Snakehead in Lake Anna, June 2016. Photo courtesy of Jeanne Taylor Photography

This phots from McCotter’s Lake Anna Guide Service from a woman who took it by her dock at Lake Anna this June said she saw another large fish and a “bunch of little ones” so  they are now embedded in the lake and breeding.  Lets catch some fish, I will have to start fishing Lake Anna more which is good for me(it’s closer) as I live in Gordonsville and Potomac creek is a good drive for me!  High Point Marina is currently paying a bounty of $10 for every fish caught in the lake and brought to him.  Not sure how long he will do this as he may find that he goes broke pretty fast as there are most likely a lot of snakeheads that will be caught!

Keep us posted on your snakehead sightings and catches.   Where, what were you using and what was the weather and water like. Thanks to all!

Dr. D or “Dr. Snakehead”


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