They’re Back! Snakehead Fishing Has Exploded!

Snakeheads in the Potomac Creek and Aquia Creeks Are Out and Biting!

10 lb Female Snakehead on a 5" bubblegum swimbait
10 lb Female Snakehead on a 5″ bubblegum swimbait
2  nice ones, about 10 and 8 lbs almost 30"
2 nice ones, about 10 and 8 lbs almost 30″

Now they have come out of hiding,  the grass beds at low tide on the creek last week is where they were, stacked!  I ran over a bunch as I kayaked up the grass edge.  A change from the week before when they were in the lillies and large expanses of water plants that grow above the water while they swam in between the stems.  Now there were some in those big lilly expanses but most were out in grass at low tide.  I found the incoming tide better than the outgoing and things slowed down dramatically at high tide, even in the lilly fields.  But after 9 hours on the water I landed 9 nice ones 5 of which were 6-10lbs and 4 smaller ones.    And the largemouths, bigs ones were hitting at the end of the day, 4-7 lbs!


Here is one I caught two days later on the bass boat.  Only had 4 snakeheads that day.  But over all they have really picked up, saw 3 pods of babies being guarded by mom and dad but they weren’t biting anything just hanging by the “kids”.

 a nice 6lb largemouth on a floatin Toad top water
a nice 6lb largemouth on a floatin Toad top water

Other anglers on the water that day were having success too.  Jason here had a nice 10+ pounder that did a lot of jumping as he fought to get him to his kayak.  Way to go Jason!

Jason with a 10+ Pounder
Jason with a 10+ Pounder

4 thoughts on “They’re Back! Snakehead Fishing Has Exploded!”

  1. Hi I was wondering if you guys fish Dogue creek or Accotink creek for snakeheads I live on Belvoir and I’m looking for decent snakehead spots…. I’ve never caught one have been obsessed with catching one just haven’t found the spots thanks!

    1. I have not had the opportunity to fish Dogue Creek but it should be good. Remember they like the slow water with lots of weeks. Fish the edges of the weed matts and lilly pads. You can drag your top water frog over any thin spots in the week flats and “flipping” in the lillies is good during the summer when the vegetation gets thick. Let me know how you do this year!
      Had some website issues so sorry if this reply is late, but now it is all fixed.

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